By Ashley Davis
Exquisite inlay, plus tons of layer-able necklaces, rings and body chains make up her sweet leaf-inspired collection, rolled out in honor of 4/20.
Los Angeles—If alcohol consumption has increased during quarantine, it stands to reason that cannabis is experiencing the same rise in popularity, particularly given its now-widespread legality.

So, on this 4/20, the holiday beloved by stoners, might we suggest partaking (pun intended) in some marijuana-inspired bling?

Yes, it’s become a fine jewelry trend, as cannabis use has become normalized in the United States, with only a handful of states still outlawing it altogether.

While a number of designers have dipped their toes into the cannabis pond with tongue-in-cheek nods to the plant, no one has integrated the motif into their brand ethos quite like Jacquie Aiche.

The Beverly Hills, California-based designer has garnered a cult following by peddling jewels that embody her bohemian-yet-spiritual lifestyle: body chains, “shaker” diamonds and gems that move when you do, and the repeated use of a sweet leaf symbol.

In honor of 4/20 this year, the designer has rolled out a number of new cannabis-inspired additions to her range, including an expertly crafted inlay pendant (seen at top).

Hoop earrings and rings make up much of the collection, with a few non-jewelry accessories, like lighters and hoodies, also in the mix.

“Four-twenty has always felt like the ultimate holiday for the cannabis connoisseur, and this year, it feels even more special,” Aiche noted of our current quarantine culture due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve come so far to reach the era of its legalization … I wanted to create an inlay that celebrated this milestone. Lapis, spiny oyster and onyx make a bright and powerful blend, carrying properties of expression, creativity and protection. As I was designing this piece, I couldn’t stop smiling. The happiness it makes you feel is undeniable. Adorn yourself in the flower of freedom, and its liberating energy will light you up.”

See the full 14-karat gold, diamond and gemstone collection on

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