By Ashley Davis
This new John Hardy bracelet is technically part of its women’s offerings, though, like much of the new “Asli” collection, it has unisex appeal.
New York—John Hardy’s new collection for fall/winter 2020 blurs gender lines, showing that its signature chains need not be relegated to a particular sex.

“Asli” is Balinese for “origin,” and an appropriate name for the collection that centers on chains rendered primarily in sterling silver, along with 18-karat gold, bronze and some mixed-metal styles.

20201014 JohnHardy2This men's sterling silver dog tag is from John Hardy’s new “Asli” collection. 

Each handcrafted chain is inspired by traditional Balinese weaving, with styles differing in their link widths and hefts.

The collection’s traditional inspiration feels perfectly modern with the streetwear-inspired current jewelry trend, in which the gold chains and hoops of the 1990s are again popular, with consumers layering styles vintage and new to express their own personal style.

While individual styles technically fall under the men’s or women’s collection umbrellas, John Hardy emphasized their universal appeal, with chunky necklaces, bracelets and rings feeling completely unisex.

20201014 JohnHardy3This bronze and black leather bracelet, technically part of the men's offerings, is available in three different sizes, making it ideal for members of either gender. It’s priced between $6,590 and $7,610 depending on size.

The “Classic Chain Signet Ring,” for example, which at $295 is the lowest priced item in the collection, would seem an option for men or women were the available sizes not a 9 and above.

Bracelets, however, which represent the collection’s largest category, are available in a variety of sizes to fit both petite and large wrists.

20201014 JohnHardy4This new Y-necklace from the women's collection can be wrapped different ways for alternate styling options. Crafted in sterling silver with 18-karat yellow gold, it’s priced at $1,895 or $2,400 depending on the size selected.

Asli features pops of color via gemstones like red tiger iron, lapis lazuli and black onyx, among others, plus bracelets featuring braided leather straps in a handful of shades from orangey-red to blue to green.

There are some convertible pieces in the collection, like fluid, reversible bracelets and long necklaces that can be transformed into shorter necklaces, Y-necklaces and bracelets.

20201014 JohnHardy5Bracelets are the Asli collection’s main category, and while most of the styles read unisex, a few, like this sterling silver cuff priced at $1,295, are decidedly feminine.

The most expensive item in the collection is an 18-karat yellow gold 13 mm link bracelet accented with diamonds, priced at $16,200.

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