By Michelle Graff
Located at Metallix’s refining facility in Greenville, N.C., the new APR³ creates an oxygen-starved, nitrogen-infused atmosphere that is turbulence free, thereby minimizing losses.Greenville, N.C.--Metallix Refinery Inc., a precious metals refiner with offices in Shrewsbury, N.J. and its facility in Greenville, announced recently that it has a new furnace that minimizes precious metal losses by creating a turbulence-free environment during the refining process. 

Called the APR³ (Advanced Pyrolytic Reduction in its third generation), the device thermally reduces scrap jewelry such as sweeps, polishing dust, filters and sludges by creating an oxygen-starved, nitrogen-infused atmosphere that uses radiant heat to control combustion of scrap metals. 

This makes for a turbulence-free environment that minimizes precious metal losses, thereby maximizing the value of the material, and the return, for jewelers, the company said. The machine also employs the most sophisticated air pollution control system available, which helps to protect the environment. 

Metallix works with independent jewelers and larger chains and recycles gold, platinum, silver, palladium and rhodium. 

In addition, the company offers removal of both diamonds and colored gemstones from all precious metal jewelry and offers assistance in coordinating the sale of removed diamond melee and stones.  

There is no minimum requirement in terms of amount when submitting scrap to Metallix for refining, though Joshua Michaels, a precious metals buyer and jewelry expert with the company, said those submitting scrap need to take into account Metallix’s processing fee. A supplier wants the lot to pay for itself and receive a reclaim check too, he notes.

Metallix said the APR³ has been under development for many years and is the company’s most significant improvement to the precious metals refining process.  

“We recognize the fast-paced business needs of the jewelers and have geared our customer service to exceed this market challenge,” said Maria Piastre, Metallix sales manager. “APR³ is another example of Metallix’s investment and commitment to continually improve our service to the jewelry market well into the future.” 

Metallix has been in the precious metals recycling business for more than 40 years. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and ensures scrap precious metals are processed with strict attention to environmental, health and safety regulations. 

The company has a whitepaper on the future of precious metals recycling and the jewelry industry available for download on the jewelry landing page of its website,

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