Police in Sweden say they think they have recovered the stolen crowns and orb (center) snatched from the Strängnäs Cathedral last summer. The jewels were part of the funeral regalia of Karl IX (Charles IX) and Kristina (Christina), who ruled Sweden from 1604 to 1611.
New York—Busy picking out amazing gemstones in the Tucson tents? We’ve got you covered with the jewelry news you might have missed last week.

1. Swedish Police Believe They’ve Found Stolen Crown Jewels
A security guard reportedly spotted them on top of a garbage can in a Stockholm suburb.

2. David Yurman Wins Case Against Counterfeiters
The luxury jeweler was awarded $1.5 million in monetary damages after a court ruled in its favor against website operators selling counterfeit jewelry.

3. RapNet Expands into Jewelry
The diamond trading network will give members the opportunity to trade jewelry without any commission or transaction fees.

4. GIA Accepting Scholarship Applications Through March
The institute is offering $2 million in scholarships this year for aspiring gem and jewelry professionals.

5. Retail Sales Will Increase 4% This Year, NRF Says
The National Retail Federation predicted that the government shutdown, a volatile stock market and threats of a trade war will not detract from a healthy economy.

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