A selection of LovePendants’ customizable designs
A selection of LovePendants’ customizable designs

New York--LovePendants, a jewelry line that features gemstones that can be engraved with a letter, word or symbol, is offering an affiliate program in which retailers can host a customization platform on their own websites.

The technology enables customers to design their pendant virtually. They choose to engrave a faceted topaz, amethyst, green quartz or citrine with a range of symbols or combination of letters, setting the stone in either 14-karat gold, silver or vermeil.

Once ordered, LovePendants will ship the completed pendants directly to customers, splitting the profits with retailers, who will earn 48 percent of the sale (LovePendants takes 52 percent instead of an even 50 percent to cover the fees for processing credit cards).
20160811 Love-Pendants2LovePendants are available in a variety of natural gemstones.
Even if customers ultimately order a necklace directly through the LovePendants website, participating retailers in the customer’s ZIP code will still earn 25 percent of the sale, and LovePendants will provide the retailer with that customer’s contact information. 

LovePendants is the brainchild of fine jewelry designer Robert Leser, the designer behind brand Color Story.

“Millennial shoppers are proving to be a group that want a sense of collaboration and customization in the things they buy,” he said. “Our new affiliate program offers retailers the ability to meet millennial 21st century demands by offering them a new, 21st century way of selling to them on their terms. By letting millennials personalize their LovePendants options, retailers show these new-era customers they understand what’s most important to them when selecting jewelry.”

For information on participating in the affiliate program, contact LovePendants at 212-832-8013 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional information is available on the LovePendants website.

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