CPAA has enlisted influencers like Elizabeth Savetsky, pictured, to promote Tahitian pearls.
New York—To drive consumer interest in pearls, the Cultured Pearl Association of America is enlisting today’s most compelling advertisers: social media influencers.

The CPAA has partnered with four influencers to conduct Tahitian pearl product giveaways for their followers. The $50,000 campaign is funded by the Tahitian Pearl Producer’s Association of French Polynesia and supported by CPAA member jewelry donations.

So far, the CPAA has conducted one contest with Elizabeth Savetsky, @execessoriesexpert, with Tahitian pearl jewelry from Tara Pearls. The contest, which kicked off Aug. 29, gained the CPAA and Tara more than 300 followers within a few days.

Savetsky also has been wearing pearl jewelry for media appearances, like a recent television interview on Fox & Friends.

“I love how easily Tahitian pearls transition from every day to special occasion,” the blogger said in a CPAA press release. “The iridescence of the color is unique and eye-catching, making the pearls feel fresh and youthful.”

Savetsky’s next giveaways will feature Tahitian pearl jewelry from Imperial and

Other influencers, Ramsey Wild of @wildprettythingsblog, Meriam Gonzalez Rouchdi of @meriamgonzalez, and Renata Alvarado of @renatinha_pedrita, also are slated to conduct giveaways of product from Baggins, Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls and Pearl Source, respectively.

“Pearls offer the understated luxury that consumers today, particularly millennials, want in addition to having the eco-friendly backstory that will turn fans into lifelong collectors,” CPAA Executive Director Jennifer Heebner said.

“It’s about time for pearls to dominate the American jewelry design landscape, and CPAA is working hard to make that happen by sharing our passion for the category with others.”

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