Because of a “Let It Rain” promotion, Greg Hunter and Megan Gernand received a $3,000 check from Saxon’s Diamond Centers after it rained nearly 2 inches on their wedding day last month.
Baltimore--While a lot of people wouldn’t be happy with rain on their wedding day, it’s safe to say one Baltimore couple most likely didn’t mind.

Greg Hunter and Megan Gernand recently won the “Let It Rain” promotion sponsored by Saxon’s Diamond Centers in Maryland. 

The program offers a refund of up to $3,000 to couples who purchase an engagement ring from the stores if the National Weather Service in Baltimore records at least an inch of rain during a 12-hour period, between 12 p.m. and 11:59 p.m., on their wedding day.

And on Hunter and Gernand’s big day, June 20, the NWS did, in fact, record 1.92 inches of rain in the city.

The Let It Rain promotion from Saxon’s is available to all couples who purchase their engagement ring at Saxon’s and fill out and submit an official contest certificate at least 60 days before their wedding day.

Though the retailer has been sponsoring the promotion for over three years, Hunter and Gernand are the store’s first winning couple.

“No one ever wants rain on their wedding day,” said Saxon’s co-owner Lance Hersh. “But something great came out of this storm--something that will bring even more joy to this couple during one of the happiest times in their lives.”

Saxon’s Diamond Centers has two stores in Maryland, one in Bel Air and the other in Aberdeen.

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