By Hannah Connorton
Weston, Fla.--Weston Jewelers has added both Bulgari and Montblanc in-store boutiques to its showroom, and now is expecting sales to increase more than 30 percent over the course of the year.

Weston Jewelers co-owners Ed and Tracey Dikes stand at their store’s new Bulgari in-store boutique. Ed said customers “love the new look and additional merchandise housed in the boutiques.”“Both brands are very popular as Weston Jewelers has a very strong South American clientele,” owner Ed Dikes told National Jeweler. “These customers are very big purchasers of both Bulgari and Montblanc.”

The store already houses a Cartier “e-space,” a custom-designed corner in Weston Jewelers that offers a “luxurious and modern feel” to showcase the company’s timepieces.

When asked why he chose Bulgari and Montblanc as the brands that would get their own in-store boutiques, Dikes said it is “because of the quality and luxury that they portray; it adds to the high caliber of our store.”

The Montblanc space inside Weston Jewelers offers the brand’s writing instruments, including fountain and ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, as well as leather goods, cufflinks, money clips, and watches. 

“We presently don’t have much of Montblanc’s jewelry, mostly timepieces and accessories, but we do have plans to add more jewelry in the future,” Dikes said. “We’ve carried the writing instruments for many years but have also had a lot of requests for the Montblanc leather goods over the years and are now happy to be able to provide them.”

When it comes to the Bulgari boutique, Dikes said he’s carrying every collection the brand currently offers to independent jewelers, including timepieces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings. 

“We are so excited to … add these two beautiful new boutiques to our showroom,” the jeweler said. “It’s a true testament to our commitment to luxury brands and wanting to offer our clients the most esteemed names in the industry.” 

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