By Brecken Branstrator
Baltimore--Smyth Jewelers doesn’t limit itself to jewelry. The Baltimore-area retailer sells luggage, beer-making kits and Birkin bags, among other gift items. 

The newest product it’s offering customers? The Cyboard.

20150924 Smyth-scooters-ArticleSmyth Jewelers is promoting the scooter via email, Facebook and, perhaps the most fun method, riding them around in store.The self-balancing, two-wheeled scooter is the latest craze in cool gadgets. Weighing just 26 pounds each, the Cyboard can travel anywhere from 9 to 12 miles on a single charge, depending on weight, terrain and temperature, at speeds up to 6 mph. 

After hearing about the product and deciding it would be a great thing to offer shoppers, Smyth can’t seem to keep the Cyboard in stock, CEO Mark Motes said. And at $799 each, they’re no small purchase.

The retailer started with 20, which sold out in a day and a half, followed by two more orders of 50 each, both of which were sold within days as well. This time around, the retailer is ready with 100, and currently is offering pre-order and free shipping to any customer across the country.

Smyth has been getting the word out via email blasts, Facebook posts and, perhaps the most fun method for employees, riding them around the store.

But the high-tech scooter isn’t just a one-off item for Smyth. In addition to its jewelry selection, the retailer also offers a year-round assortment of gifts in various product categories and at all price points.

“The Cyboard is the wave of the future and we want our customers to have access to the best that’s out there, be it jewelry or fun and creative gift ideas,” Motes said. 

Fifteen years ago, it was more normal for a store to carry things in addition to jewelry, such as collectibles, place settings, silver and more.

When that market died, Motes said the store didn’t want to lose the traffic non-jewelry gifts brought in, so they continued to stock a variety of items. “We take suggestions from employees and friends, and if it looks good and fits in with the store, we’re happy to sell it,” he said.

From high-end Tumi luggage and Hermes Birkin bags to tech gadgets and a beverage section--including wine glasses, beer-making kits, and the like--the store’s gift section does a great job bringing in a crowd and selling well for them.

As Motes told National Jeweler, Smyth Jewelers will “sell almost anything to turn a profit.”

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