By Lenore Fedow
Consumers can use the Retailer Lookup to search for stores with GIA-graded diamonds or GIA-educated staff based on their city or postal code.
Carlsbad, Calif.—GIA’s Retailer Lookup platform has hit 10,000 gem and jewelry retail locations worldwide, the organization announced Wednesday.

Launched a couple years ago, the site has surpassed what the GIA expected in terms of the pacing, Tali Nay, manager of the Gemological Institute of America’s Retailer Support Program and a graduate gemologist, said in an interview with National Jeweler Tuesday.

The platform works like a search engine, connecting shoppers with stores that carry GIA-graded diamonds or employ GIA-educated staff based on their city or postal code.

It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for consumers, providing contact information for stores as well as their addresses, hours and directions.

The Retailer Lookup is a free service, allowing any retailer who meets the criteria—selling GIA-graded diamonds and/or having GIA-educated staff—to join the list.

There has been a 46 percent increase in registration by international retailers, particularly in India and China.

GIA has increased its focus on China specifically, which it considers a “growth area,” said Nay.

The platform is part of GIA’s Retailer Support Program, which offers point-of-sale tools and staff training modules as well as free videos, images, logos and interactive downloads for use in advertising on retailers’ websites and social media channels.

The support programs have the backing of a business development team as well as a designated phone line and email address where retailers can expect a response within 48 hours, said Nay.

GIA has been getting the word out about its Retailer Lookup platform and other retailer-focused tools via the various jewelry trade shows in the industry and its quarterly newsletter.

Consumers, meanwhile, have been drawn to the Retailer Lookup in part by GIA’s consumer-facing 4Cs website, which includes information about how to buy a diamond, how to care for one and other helpful tips, Nay said.

Consumer pageviews to the Retailer Lookup have more than tripled over the past two years.

For more information about the Retailer Lookup, visit GIA’s website.

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