By Brecken Branstrator
Dublin--When it comes to Google searches for designer jewelry, the popular Cartier Love bracelet is tops, one company found.

Karus Chains, a Dublin-based e-commerce company that sells men’s jewelry, released data showing the most popular jewelry accessories and brands for men and women based on average monthly Google searches.

20160408 Karus-ArticleAccording to Karus Chains, the Cartier Love bracelet was both the popular designer bracelet for women and the No. 1 designer jewelry accessory last year, generating 353,840 monthly searches on Google.
The data for this report came from research the company did last year for a number of different projects, compiled using a combination of Long Tail Pro software and Google’s Keyword Planner tool and excluding watches for this particular one.

Karus said that the Cartier Love bracelet was both the most popular designer bracelet for women and the No. 1 designer jewelry accessory overall, generating 353,840 monthly searches on Google.

This is followed by two Tiffany items--engagement rings at 85,630 Google searches per month and the Heart necklace at 61,030 monthly searches on Google--and then Swarovski crystal earrings, with 6,100 monthly Google searches.

The company also looked into four categories of jewelry accessories for women--necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings--breaking it down into what the most searched-for styles were.

Unsurprisingly, the most searched-for piece of jewelry overall for women on Google, as well as the most searched-for type of ring, is an engagement ring. The total average number of searches for engagement rings is 14.4 million searches every month, Karus found.

After engagement rings, the second-most popular item had a dramatically smaller number. The most popular earrings are diamond earrings, generating approximately 287,520 searches per month, and the most popular necklace is the gold necklace, with some 216,870 monthly searches.

When it comes to bracelets, the most widely searched is the charm bracelet with 183,800 monthly searches.

In the men’s category, meanwhile, the most popular designer accessory with 10,680 searches per month is the Miansai bracelet. The Triton ring followed in second with 8,020 monthly searches on Google, and then Hugo Boss cufflinks at 6,070 and Versace chains/necklaces with 3,210 monthly Google searches.

Karus also looked at four categories when it came to men’s accessories--chains/necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and rings--to see which styles were popular in Google searches.

Bridal came out on top again in men’s, with wedding rings being the No. 1 jewelry accessory to be searched for with 309,870 monthly Google searches per month.

Gold chains are the most popular in the chains/necklaces category, with 94,540 searches per month, and novelty cufflinks are the most popular style with 26,700 monthly searches. Meanwhile, in the bracelet category, men’s leather bracelets were the most popular with consumers at 14,800 searches per month.

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