Crayola is one of the brands for which Zalemark holds a jewelry licensing agreement. Pictured here is a silver bangle from the line that can hold either natural or simulated gemstones (retail $79 to $599).
Los Angeles--Zalemark Holding Company is deepening its partnership with Super Bell, tapping the manufacturer to make all its jewelry and moving into the Super Bell offices in downtown Los Angeles.

In a news release distributed recently, the two companies announced that they have signed a strategic brand manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment support agreement.

Zalemark Chairman Emeritus Steven Zale said Monday that under the agreement, his company will continue to work out the licensing agreements for the brands, design the jewelry and its packaging, and create the marketing plans.

Super Bell will manufacture Zalemark’s brands--the company makes its jewelry in Panyu, China--and handle the distribution to independent jewelers. (Zalemark will continue to do distribution to the major retailers.) 

Also, on April 1, Zalemark will relocate from its current headquarters in Sherman Oaks, Calif. to downtown Los Angeles, where it will share the 20th floor of the City National Bank building with Super Bell.

However, Zale said it is not a merger or an acquisition, as Super Bell is not buying Zalemark. He described instead as a “quasi-consolidation,” a joint agreement to “combine our parallel paths to support the ailing independents.”

He said the agreement developed from discussions he’s had with Super Bell President and CEO Lo Huang about what can be done to help independent jewelers in the U.S.

The conclusion they reached is that the independents need well-positioned brands to drive traffic from the Internet into their stores. This agreement, Zale said, will allow his company to focus on creating “extensive” marketing campaigns for its brands while handing off functions such as customer service, shipping and receiving to Super Bell.

Zalemark’s brands include Demeter, Crayola, and Mars/M&M’s.

Zale said they plan to roll out a new Demeter line at JCK Las Vegas and announce a new celebrity face for the brand (it previously was model Rachel Hunter.)

M&M’s will formally roll out at the show as well, though Zale said they are planning a soft launch for next month to coincide with the candy brand’s 75th anniversary.

Crayola, which was unveiled at JCK last year, is currently in test mode.

Zale also said that Zalemark is attempting to acquire the licensing rights to another “big brand,” this one based in New York City, but cannot provide any further details at this time.

Zalemark and Super Bell have been developing a relationship for some time. Just before the Las Vegas shows last May, they signed a memorandum of understanding.

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