Philadelphia--Manufacturer Superfit announced that as of Jan. 1, it has changed its company name to Cliq.

The Philadelphia-based company made the decision after hearing customers request not Superfit, but “the ring that clicks,” explained company President Eric Alulis.

“It indicated that our product was memorable, but the Superfit name was not,” he said. “It sounded like a gym, not a piece of fine jewelry.”

In 1992, Superfit patented a mechanism that allows a ring to open and close securely around the base of the finger—with an audible click so the wearer knows it’s securely in place—bypassing the issue of having to fit over a knuckle. As the knuckle is often much larger than the rest of the finger, this mechanism allows for a perfect custom fit.

“Cliq was logical for us to latch onto—pun intended—as the name describes what the product does. This sound, feeling and experience is unique to Cliq products and very much part of our brand,” Alulis said.

Along with the new name comes a new development for the company: it now will manufacture finished jewelry for consumers, available through its retail partners.

Cliq said that, unlike other hinge systems, its custom sizing solution can be used with virtually any ring style, allowing for infinite customization possibilities.

“Our goal was to create a consumer-appropriate brand name that is memorable and reflective of the precision and quality that our products are known for,” Alulis said.

Cliq said it will supply retail partners with consumer awareness and education materials about its product. It’s also in the process of introducing a new website and expanded product and in-store displays.

It also noted that its mechanism will still be available for retrofit.

The company was founded by Gena and Paul Alulis, and leadership is “gradually transitioning” to their son Eric, now president of the company, Cliq said.

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