Beth and Ralph, one of the actor couples featured in Forevermark’s new marketing campaign, were a favorite of director Geej Ower. “They were just both so warm as people and such good sports,” she said. “Ralph kept insisting I take his phone during filming so I could take behind-the-scenes photos of him.”
New York—Forevermark launched “I Take You, Until Forever,” this week, the marketing campaign promoting its new line of lower-priced engagement rings and wedding bands.

Called “I Take You, Until Forever,” the idea behind the campaign was to present a modern view of marriage with its ups and downs, instead of depicting it as a happily-ever-after fairy tale, while also injecting age, race and sexual orientation diversity into a space that’s traditionally been young, white and straight.

There are six couples in “I Take You, Until Forever,” three of whom are not actors but pairs in real life—the couple in which the woman proposes to the man while he’s hanging wallpaper, the pair shown having an argument, and the lesbian couple with the young child.

WATCH: The Two-Minute Film for “I Take You, Until Forever” 

London-based director Geej Ower, who has done campaigns for Nike and McDonald’s, shot the film on location in Los Angeles.

“I Take You, Until Forever” went live on Refinery 29, The Knot, The Plunge and Hulu with digital display ads and video this week, as well as on paid search and social.

20190712 Forevermark I Take You insetA still from “I Take You, Until Forever” showing one of the three real-life couples included in the campaign. The campaign is designed to reflect modern marriage as is the Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection, which features lower-priced rings aimed at couples balancing other costs, including mortgages and child care. 

The national digital campaign will run through the holiday season, expanding to other websites including ESPN, The New York Times and, The Knot’s proposal-focused site.

Print ads will appear in Allure, Brides, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, People and US Weekly.

All campaign assets are available to participating Forevermark jewelers.

National cable TV ads are not currently part of Forevermark’s plan, but the brand said jewelers can run tagged TV spots in their local markets.

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