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Of course, when we finally did announce that we were bringing back State of the Majors all those same people wrote or called again to say I didn’t have to thank them for their brilliant idea but did tell me: “You’re welcome.” The truth is that it took a long time for me to feel assured enough to tackle rebooting an industry staple that we were also going to produce in print. (Note: Despite what people who contact us on a regular basis believe, National Jeweler has not printed anything since 2010.) The State of the Majors is an important component of this industry.The fact that there are fewer majors or that we all do business differently than even four years ago when it was last published doesn’t change its relevance. In our professional (and sometimes personal) lives, we need someone to draw a line in the sand and say “Stop for a moment and look at where we are.”That’s what the State of the Majors is about.You look at what is out there and you look at yourself and take stock. It only makes sense that National Jeweler is the one to draw that line.We are the industry’s truly independent source for news and information. In this issue, in addition to the “$100 Million Supersellers” and the “Top 50 North American Retail Jewelry Chains by Store Count” lists, our writers analyze the biggest players in our business and explore the other key parts to our diverse industry. We look at the state of colored stones, diamonds and designers. We want our readers to get a complete picture of that horizon that is past the line in the sand. Our talented team of Michelle Graff, Brecken Branstrator andAshley Davis along with contributor Danielle Max know their respective beats so well and are always looking for ways to help the industry get smarter and more informed. My hope is that reading this issue imparts information you can use to evaluate the current state of your own business and to help you plan a more successful year to come. I would like to thank Edahn Golan for assembling our two lists, Peggy Jo Donahue and Andrea Lynn for checking all our work, and Molly Fallon and Lauren Thompson for making this, our website and our daily newsletter look as good as it does. They put in a lot of hard work and effort. And of all the people who wrote and asked about bringing back State of the Majors, I must mention my friend Dave Siminski. He was my go-to guy during this process and nobody is better at building your confidence while simultaneously keep- ing you humble. Any complaints? This was all his idea. 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