On Data: All About Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sales

February 23, 2021
V-Day was sweet for jewelers this year, and it has independent jewelers off to a strong start in 2021.

Creative Connecting: How to Use Pinterest Properly

January 19, 2021
Image searches are on the rise, making the already popular platform even more important for jewelers.

On Data: How Independents Are Doing in December

December 23, 2020
Sherry Smith breaks down gross sales, average retail sale and more for independent jewelers in the first 21 days of the month.

Coach’s Corner: ‘Tis The Season to Set Goals for 2021

December 21, 2020
Pat Henneberry is all about setting goals for her physical therapy sessions, and she wants to help you do the same for your business.

Top Social Selling Tips: A 2020 Year-End Review

December 15, 2020
Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams are making a list of the best advice from this year’s Creative Connecting columns.

On Data: Customer Outreach You Can Do Now

December 8, 2020
It’s not too late to call your best customers and find out who they still need to shop for this holiday season, Sherry Smith writes.

Squirrel Spotting: 7 Tips for Salespeople This Holiday Season

November 24, 2020
Peter Smith winds down the year with lessons on smizing, the importance of body language and closing the sale.

Selling on Instagram: A Q&A with Industry Expert Katerina Perez

November 17, 2020
In this special installment of Creative Connecting, the influencer talks about why specificity and patience are important, and what consumers want when they shop on social media.

On Data: Get Your Bestsellers In Stock Now

November 11, 2020
Sherry Smith says things are looking up for independent jewelers, but waiting to replenish top sellers could be a costly misstep this holiday season.

Squirrel Spotting: Why I Don’t Worry About Brick-and-Mortar Retail

September 29, 2020
Peter Smith says the idea that people will want to continue to do everything online post-pandemic is “complete and utter rubbish.”

Creative Connecting: Social Media Ethics in a Highly Charged World

September 22, 2020
Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams share advice on navigating politics, negative reviews and online trolling in these difficult and volatile times.

Squirrel Spotting: 10 Things Not To Do To Your Salespeople

September 8, 2020
From not micro-managing to not making them managers, Peter Smith lists 10 things retailers should avoid if they want to hold onto their top salespeople.

10 Jewelry News Stories You Might Have Missed

September 4, 2020
Rolex reveals its new watches, four are sentenced in a case involving counterfeit Native American jewelry, and more.

Coach’s Corner: How to Keep Your Customers Engaged

September 2, 2020
Whether it’s live chat or a good old-fashioned phone call, The Jewelry Coach Pat Henneberry explains why keeping in touch is so important right now.

The Smart Lab: How to Use Instagram and Facebook Shops

August 25, 2020
Emmanuel Raheb shares simple tips for selling via these popular social media platforms.

Creative Connecting: Make Your Social Media Bio Stand Out

August 19, 2020
Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams share pro tips for filling out those profiles on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

10 Jewelry News Stories You Might Have Missed

August 14, 2020
A big diamond find in Russia, another change from GIA, a sneak thief on the loose, and more.

Designer’s Diary: 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Artist

August 12, 2020
Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf shares lessons about lighting, texture and storytelling from her former life in the world of contemporary art.

10 Jewelry News Stories You Might Have Missed

August 9, 2020
Lord & Taylor’s bankruptcy filing, Oscar Heyman’s holiday catalog, a record-setting Rolex auction, and more.

On Data: Sales Show Continued Improvement in July

August 4, 2020
Following a “dismal” April and a “bleak” May, Sherry Smith notes that independent jewelers’ sales have warmed up recently, particularly in this one category.
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