By Ashley Davis
Tulsa, Okla.—Two American, family-owned and operated watch companies are partnering up.

Belair Time Corporation has relocated from Lakewood, New Jersey to Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of Selco Time as part of a merger between the companies.

Belair Time Corporation was founded by the late Ernest Grunwald, a German Jewish man who immigrated to the United States in the 1940s and fought for U.S. forces in World War II.

After working with his wife Ilse Grunwald’s family watch business, the couple opened watch movement assembly plant Belair Time Corp in 1962, first in the U.S Virgin Islands, then later relocating to Lakewood, New Jersey.

The Grunwald’s son, Alan Grunwald, is the current Belair Time owner and CEO, and will retain those roles within the partnership.

The merger with Selco helps ensure Belair’s future when Grunwald eventually retires and sells his company shares, he told National Jeweler via email.

Selco Time was originally founded in 1935 as a jewelry store that at one point boasted 47 locations across 15 states.

The Tulsa-located company carved its most important niche, however, in the customized timepiece market, creating items for corporations and awards shows.

In a statement from Belair Time, Selco owner and CEO Mark Abels said the partnership would be committed to relationships with independent retail jewelers and Belair’s private label program.

“I am excited to join forces with Selco, as we will effectively shorten new logo lead times and provide a multitude of new sales opportunities for our loyal customers,” Grunwald commented.

Operations are already in full swing in Tulsa, with Belair directing all packages there.

According to Selco Time’s website, the company will start producing Belair orders around June 29.

Belair is also joining forces with Parsec Enterprises, located in Peora, Illinois. Parsec’s master watchmakers will be responsible for all of Belair’s watch repairs, warranty and non-warranty.

In the announcement, Belair noted Parsec owners Marc and Diedre Young’s “long history of providing outstanding service for many notable Swiss and Japanese brands.”

“At our core, Belair has always been a family owned and operated organization, focused on providing our customers with a watch that represents true value,” said Grunwald.

“We are grateful that we will continue with that tradition alongside the family operations at both Selco and Parsec.”

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