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  • October 12 to 18, 2014 New York--A sudden resignation at the world’s largest specialty jeweler, the announcement of a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and a $100,000 donation to combat the worldwide outbreak of Ebola were the major news breaks in the industry. 

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Melissa Joy Manning New York--Since 1997, designer Melissa Joy Manning has created her jewelry using recycled metals and locally sourced stones.

    With designs inspired by her passion for travel, culture, and art, Manning sources the materials for her jewelry from suppliers who share her beliefs in social and environmental sustainability.

    The jewelry brand handcrafts every made-to-order piece in Manning's Berkeley, Calif. certified "green" production studio by an in-house artisan staff.

    In addition to having her own stores in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and Berkeley, Manning’s jewelry is carried in more than 250 high-end and specialty boutiques worldwide.  

    Click through the slideshow to see 10 of the latest pieces from the designer. 

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  • Gold Spotlight: Pinar Oner New York--Turkish designer Pinar Öner has introduced a new line for 2014 that utilizes enamel to bring color to 18-karat yellow gold and diamond pieces inspired by a former basilica in Istanbul.

    Called “Hagia Sophia,” the line is named after the museum of the same name in Turkey that was once a Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica before transitioning into an imperial mosque. Today, the monument is a museum, one that Öner has taken inspiration from to create her newest line.

    The designer also has new additions to her overall offerings, including pieces inspired by the ceiling of the Chora church, also in Istanbul, and jewelry dedicate to the Turks who were killed in Gezi Park this year while protesting environmental and human rights abuses.

    Click through this gallery to see 12 pieces that are new from the designer for 2014, including the Hagia Sophia line and jewelry from the Gezi suite.

    Wholesale prices for the pieces in the Hagia Sophia collection range from $1,900 to $3,200.
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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Laurie Kaiser New York--Designer Laurie Kaiser draws her inspiration from the shapes and styles that she finds in nature. 

    A fan of a well-cut stone that has been placed in a thoughtful design, many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind, jewelry that is “looking for a soul mate,” as she likes to say.

    She has a special affinity for opal, moonstone and druzy, especially the look these gemstones create when paired with diamonds and gold.

    Her “Sprinkles” collection features larger gems accented with smaller diamonds of various sizes to make them appear that they “dance” around the stone and create a more elegant, sprinkled look. Her “Lemongrass” collection, meanwhile, includes large stones surrounded by strands of textured gold.

    Click through the slideshow to see 10 of Kaiser’s new designs. 

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