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  • April 12 to 18, 2014 New York--A gem-laden Easter egg hunt, a Farimined gold trophy by Chopard and jewelry at the MTV Movie Awards are among the jewelry-related events that happened around the globe this week.

    Egg hunters had the chance to find gemstones last Sunday when Great Falls, Va.-based Adeler Jewelers, along with the Great Falls Optimist Club, hosted the 30th annual Children’s Spring Festival and Easter Egg Hunt. More than $10,000 worth of gems were hidden in the 8,000 candy-filled eggs scattered around Great Falls Village Centre.

    Also this week, Chopard announced that the Palme d’Or, the Chopard-designed trophy presented at the Cannes Film Festival, will be made entirely in Fairmined certified gold. An event in Paris marked the occasion.

    On Sunday night were the annual MTV Movie Awards and this year a few jewelry brands got their pieces on presenting actresses.

    Click through this week’s slideshow to see it all.

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  • Palladium Spotlight: Todd Reed New York--Based in Boulder, Colo., designer Todd Reed is known for his unique and recognizable work with rough diamonds and gold. But he doesn’t stop there in paving a different path.

    Reed also works in alternative metals and, when it comes to the category, the designer says he was attracted to palladium’s color from the start.

    “The dark gray is sexy and simple, and totally natural,” he says. “I liked the warmth of the metal as opposed to platinum--that felt a bit cold. I liked that (palladium) was light and mined in America. I also felt and now feel that the metal … shows a level of elegance in aesthetics and craftsmanship when done correctly.”

    Reed adds that the finished feel of a palladium piece is “completely unique,” and that his customers are interested in the metal and alternative metals in general.

    “There is a certain level of refinement and uniqueness, discernment and quality that our clients look for when buying jewelry. Alternative metals are exciting to a customer that truly wants something unique and, in many cases, is using our jewelry as a means of self-expression, therefore literally saying ‘I am unique, I am alternative,’” Reed says. 

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  • For men, 10 alternatives to traditional bands New York--If there’s one thing we know about the Millennial bridal consumer, it’s the importance of personalization--having a unique piece of jewelry with a story behind it.

    Enter alternative metals: cobalt, tungsten carbide, palladium and titanium, just to name a few. Each has its own set of characteristics, from durability to aesthetics, and gives consumers an option outside of gold, platinum or silver, at a range of price points.

    This gallery showcases a variety of men’s bands in alternative metals, with and without gemstones, priced from $280 to $2,200 retail.

    Click through to see the designs.

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Bochic New York--Bochic is introducing its new Core collection and additions to its one-of-a-kind line for fall 2014, both of which will feature gemstone-laden pieces.

    Creative director and designer David Joseph and co-designer Miriam Salat established the Bochic brand in 2004, drawing inspiration from travels abroad to create jewelry reflective of cultural influences from around the world.

    The brand achieves its distinctive look by combining gemstones with diamond accents and a “vintage feel.”  Bochic features rare stones in its jewelry, including Serbian mammoth, English jet, Chinese jade, tanzanite and North American turquoise, as well as diamonds, rubies, lapis, opaque amazonite, orange sapphire and onyx.

    The Bochic customer is defined as someone who is “the embodiment of independent spirit, confidence, style, adventure and zest for life.” 

    Click through this slideshow to see new pieces from both collections. 

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