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  • May 17 to 23, 2015 New York--Jewelers Mutual introduced an ad campaign that plays on people’s emotional connections to their jewelry, and Nordstrom rolled out a new purchasing program that works via text message.

    Scott Kay, which has undergone constant change since late last year when its founder died, named a new president, while veteran industry journalist Marion Fasel announced a new online magazine and consulting company for jewelry industry.

    It’s the week before Las Vegas, in photos.

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Katherine Jetter New York--Since she began designing jewelry, Melbourne, Australia-born Katherine Jetter has made it her mission to elevate opals, incorporating the gemstone into one-of-a-kind pieces and pairing them with diamonds and other colored stones. 

    When she exhibits at the upcoming Couture show, Jetter will have a number of new pieces in the showcase. 

    The designer said that for the show, her jewelry will go in two directions--one including the stunning statement opal pieces she is known for, each unique and inspired by the stone itself, and the other using other important precious gemstones--fancy tourmalines, rubellite, spinel and star sapphires.

    Click through the slideshow to see a sneak peek of what the designer will have on display in Las Vegas. All prices listed are retail. 

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  • Gold Spotlight: Arya Esha New York--Launched in 2014, Priyanka Murthy’s fine jewelry line already has two accolades under its belt and a handful of celebrities who have accessorized with its pieces.

    Called Arya Esha, the company won a 2015 JCK Rising Star Award and a 2014 Commendation Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Claire Danes and Jordana Brewster are among the stars who have donned the brand’s jewelry. 

    The line is made up of three collections: Galaxy, Lava and Paradigm. 

    Murthy said Arya Esha means “Goddess of Truth” in ancient North Indian Sanskrit. Her travels as an international lawyer and scholar led her to name the brand this because, “We are all in search of our own truth, and we find it in different stages, roles and places in our lives.”

    Scroll through this gallery to see pieces by Arya Esha. All prices listed are retail.

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: Dendritic agate New York--Dendritic agate, or “tree agate” as it is so aptly named in some places, has been popping up a lot lately. Opaque and milky stones are having their trend moment and we think this somewhat translucent leafy stone (and her cousin dendritic quartz) is adding interest to the trend.

    What was once kind of hippie is now kind of haute, as more designers are setting the humble gem in gold with diamonds and other pricier gems. 

    Now’s the time to stock up on these interesting one-of-a-kind gems because the trend is prolific and the look fits right in with the 1970s redux happening in fashion these days as well as the interest in large, flat and fanciful gems. Here are 11 to try.

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