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  • April 12 to 18, 2015 New York--A four-strand natural colored pearl necklace sold for a record price at Christie’s this week, while bead and jewelry brand Pandora announced the launch of a North American marketing campaign.

    Yellow gold and geometric shapes rocked the red carpet at MTV’s Movie Awards, and designer Jane Taylor debuted one-of-a-kind cocktail rings on e-tailer Moda Operandi. Across the pond, LVMH announced sales in the first quarter had increased year-over-year.

    See the week that was, in photos.

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: Multi-finger rings Now here’s a trendy trend that seems to have long legs. The multiple-finger rings that came in to vogue nearly two years ago show no sign of quitting. Since fashion trends move slowly in fine jewelry, and conventional wisdom says trends start on the coasts and move inward, we’re guessing two-finger rings have hit the heartland by now.

    There are small and delicate designs and big and bold versions too. Some are very simple while others make one go ... hmmm? Definitely share the trend with customers and see who identifies with the slightly avant-garde concept. Retailers might be surprised by who goes for it; after all, tattoos and earrings for multiple piercings are now the norm. Can “hand jewelry” be that far behind?

    Here’s 17 rings that will make you go “mmmmmm.”

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: Chokers and Collars The choker is a funny fashion bit. Done one way and it’s very Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle; done another and it’s more Princess Diana circa 1990. So is it a ‘70s thing or a ‘90s thing? Maybe it’s just a thing that comes and goes with rising hemlines and dipping cleavage.

    Whatever the case may be right now in fashion, it’s ripe for the choker. In casual designs it’s very boho-chic with something resting at the base of the throat or just a bit higher. For more elaborate styles it’s very glamorous with sparkle nestling the collarbone.

    Here’s a collection of 15 chokers and collars that give a fashion flashback.

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: Bevy of Baguettes Baguettes are having their stylistic day in the sun, again, after falling out of fashion for a long while. It’s fun to watch designers rediscover this previous side-liner and put them center stage in the middle of interesting new designs as the main event.

    There’s something very fresh about a burst of diamond baguettes or a geometric pattern in colored stones. The (long) skinny is baguettes are back, and we’re all lining up to get them.

    Here’s a collection of 18 geometric designs that range from outrageous to stunningly simple.

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