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  • January 25 to 31, 2015  New York--The week began with two shows: one that involved a red carpet and another that centered on Italian jewelry.

    The second big Hollywood awards show of the season, the Screen Actors Guild, took place Sunday night, with celebrities walking the red carpet in pieces by familiar names, including Martin Katz, Fred Leighton and Harry Winston. Meanwhile, in Italy, the January edition of Vicenzaoro, which debuted a new format this year, was taking place.

    See it all, and more, in this week's slideshow.
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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Lauren Harper New York--Lauren Harper credits having had three daughters with influencing the way she approaches designing and creating her jewelry.

    Knowing that she wants to teach them a sense of independence, the designer says that she infuses every piece with the strength, passion and fierceness that she wants to instill in her girls, and that she sees in her customers as well.

    The edgy-yet-feminine pieces in Harper’s collections feature geometric shapes with intricately-cut colored gemstones and details, all combining to create instant classics.

    Here are 10 of Harper’s latest designs. 

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: A Cut Above the Rest New York--Sometimes a gemstone should take a walk on the wild side.

    It can be good to give up the straight angles and symmetrical curves, and instead bust out in wild, irregular angles and patterns, especially since there always will be a customer for these uniquely cut, rough-and-tumble specimens.

    For the customer who wants something one-of-a-kind, show them a gemstone design that’s as unique as a snowflake and get ready to talk gemology. Irregular gem cuts also offers a challenge for designers, forcing them to take their game up a notch.

    Here are 13 examples of the wide diversity of gem cutting, and even not cutting.
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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: In the Pink Every few years, we hear of a fashion renaissance for rose gold and the current resurgence has been booming.

    With gold trending, designers are directing a lot of attention to the pink, rosé and peach tones of the metal in both 14- and 18-karat gold.

    There’s always a customer for pink. For many complexions it’s much more flattering than yellow, and for women who like to layer their jewels it gives them another color to add to their stacks.

    Here are 15 jewels in varying shades of pink.

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