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  • August 17 to 23, 2014 Sofia Vergara teaming with Kay Jewelers, De Beers getting into the secondhand diamond business and Sotheby’s putting an 8.41-carat internally flawless fancy vivid purple-pink up on the auction block--it’s all covered in this week’s slideshow. 

    Click through to see 11 photos recapping the week.  

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  • Titanium Spotlight: Edward Mirell New York--Jewelry brand Edward Mirell has introduced a line of titanium pieces for 2014 for both men and women.

    The Edward Mirell brand was created about 10 years ago and operates under the Spectore Corp. company, which was formed in 1980 to introduce and build a new category of noble materials for the jewelry industry, designer and CEO Edward Rosenberg tells National Jeweler.

    The titanium pieces featured in this story are made using pure gray titanium and “Black Ti,” a titanium where the metal actually is black and not coated. Some of the jewelry also has gone through an “anodized” process, where an electrochemical process converts the metal into a decorative, durable, oxide finish. 

    Rosenberg says when it comes to men and titanium, they always have had an affinity and sense of ownership for the metal, as it is a technology that can relate to in the sports, performance products, space and marine sectors, and also has the “edgy appeal of being technology-driven.”

    “Titanium, by virtue of its unique properties, has specific attributes that can make it stand alone … (it) offers the unusual combination of versatility, biocompatibility, comfort, weight, strength, hardness … and sheer broadness in the number of different looks that can be achieved,” he says. “It can be anodized, shaped and manipulated like no other material.”

    Click through this gallery to see nine new titanium pieces, for both men and women, from Edward Mirell. All prices listed are retail.  

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Yael Designs New York--Award-winning San Francisco-based Yael Designs creates its standout pieces with recycled gold and designs them to be elegant and expressive pieces of fine jewelry, according to the company.

    During Las Vegas market week, the brand unveiled several new designs using gemstones rich in color, including emerald, fire opal, tanzanite, rubellite and more.

    Yael Designs added the pieces to multiple collections including “Lyra,” a cosmos-inspired line that accents colored gemstones with pavé diamonds, “Serendipity,” which highlights vintage-inspired rose- cut faceted emeralds of rare quality, and the “Pacifica” line of tanzanite jewelry.

    Click through the slideshow to see 10 of the brand’s latest designs.

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  • 16 pieces that make a statement in silver New York--From the red carpet to the streets of Manhattan, statement necklaces have been a hot trend as of late, adding pizzazz and oomph to all kinds of outfits, from cocktail dresses to office wear. 

    From longer pendants to chunky bib-type styles, statement necklaces pair perfectly with solid-color shirts and dresses as well as apparel with a high necklace and no collar, although certain styles are perfect for sitting below a collared button-up shirt. 

    Available in a range of lengths and styles, silver provides first-time (and returning) statement necklace-buying consumers with an accessible price point for a bold look, with gemstones and other materials such as wood creating a textured, individualized look.  

    Flip through this gallery to see 16 statement necklaces in silver, ranging in retail price from $550 to $9,500, plus one standout piece priced at $122,000. 

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