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  • June 28 to July 4, 2015 New York--Philadelphia residents were invited to uncover jewelry prizes at a “bubble bath” in a jewelry store this week, while across the country another gem was uncovered--an 8.52-carat rough diamond at a state park in Arkansas.

    In addition, after the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across the country, one jeweler didn’t hesitate to craft an advertisement in support of the issue, and over in Zimbabwe, Rio Tinto announced that it is selling its stake in the Murowa diamond mine.

    See the week that happened, in photos.

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  • Cindy’s TrendTracker: Rock crystal New York--Rock crystal, also known as clear quartz, is a staple in jewelry design dating back centuries. It is a very common stone and yet it deserves to come back in vogue now and again because it offers such creative options for designers.

    Right now, many designers are using it to give their pieces a great look at a relatively affordable price, as it really glams up when accented with a few diamonds set in gold. But it can also be casual when going solo or paired with silver.

    Here are 11 styles that span the high/low spectrum and offer some clearly beautiful choices.

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  • Platinum Spotlight: Featherstone Design New York--There’s two things in life Deidre Featherstone is not lacking: an assortment of beautiful gemstones, and a list of accolades relating to her jewelry design.

    Based in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, Featherstone Design primarily offers one-of-a-kind and interchangeable jewelry made in platinum and 18-karat gold with gemstones of “exceptional quality.” She’s known for her use of rare stones, which has netted her a total of 10 American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards throughout her career.

    She’s also one of the Platinum Guild International’s “Master American Platinumsmiths,” sharing with National Jeweler that the metal “sits in the foreground and supports the show, extending the color of a jewel and the continuation of a diamond.”

    “The heat requires you to work almost blind, from memory,” she said. “All you can see is the success indicated by an intense orange red line where a joint connects.”

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Goshwara New York--More and more, today’s consumer is looking for pieces that are rare and unique. They want to know that their jewelry is exclusive to them. 

    This definitely has been true for Goshwara, the brand told National Jeweler at the recent Couture show, and that is why the brand is focusing a little more on creating jewels that speak to the consumer.

    Even as the brand continues to add pieces to its production collections, such as Freedom, Beyond and Rock ‘n Roll, designer Sweta Jain is building more on the G-One collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.

    At the trade show, these newest additions were rich in greens, oranges and purples. The brand also debuted a limited edition collection of carved mother of pearl jewelry and though those pieces can be re-created, no two are exactly alike.

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