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  • February 22 to 28, 2015 New York--The Apple Watch graced the pages of a fitness magazine, while Tiffany & Co. released the TV component of its new, “modern love” ad campaign. Janet Goldman announced that retail location and showroom Fragments would be closing its doors, and Sotheby’s set the date for the sale of a huge Swatch collection.

    See what happened in the jewelry industry this week, in photos.

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  • Cindy's TrendTracker: One-of-a-kind New York--There will always be the consumer who wants to follow the crowd or look like everyone else, but those true style mavericks out there, they just want to be one-of-a-kind.

    We've gathered pieces for these iconoclasts; true one-off jewels that showcase unique stones or hand-fabricated details that can't easily be done again, much less replicated exactly. Designers can let their imagination roam free when they find those special gemstones that often start a one-of-a-kind jewel, and retailers can match these marvels to customers who appreciate the unique.

    Here are 14 one-of-a-kind jewels to please the true art jewelry aficionado. All prices listed are retail.

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  • Gemstone Spotlight: Anzie New York--Founded by designer Anzie Stein, the Anzie brand, which now includes her daughters Jaclyn and Joanna, has become well known for its gemstone pieces in signature looks that are meant to reflect the style of today’s generation.

    The pieces in Anzie’s collections can be dressed up as well as worn every day, as all lines are polished and classic. 

    From chain bracelets and multi-strand station necklaces to stylish studs and bold gemstone jewelry, the new pieces Anzie introduced for spring feature cooler-toned colored gemstones, especially blue, as well as the lighter shades of pearls, quartz and moonstone.

    The new pieces pop in a number of the brand’s well-known collections, including both Dew Drop, inspired by morning dew, and the Aztec collection, inspired by Southwestern and Art Deco influences. 

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  • Platinum Spotlight: Alex Soldier New York--If it isn’t noble color, feel and beauty, it’s platinum’s flexibility that makes Alex Solider choose it over other metals for his jewelry.

    The designer released an array of platinum pieces in 2014 across multiple collections, with many boasting pearls, diamonds and other precious gemstones.

    Soldier’s favorite of all time? The “Passion” ring that won a Platinum Passion Award from the Platinum Guild International in 1998.
    “It has a clean, sculptural dynamic that makes you fall in love with it,” he said.

    Snails also are a common motif in Soldier’s work, and one he has employed recently in his platinum pieces; he uses the mollusk as an allegory for slowing down and enjoying life.

    Click through this gallery to see some of the designer’s newer platinum pieces, all of which are handmade in New York. Prices listed are retail.

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