By Michelle Graff
Coco-Chanel-Cuffs Fulco-and-Coco-master-copy IMG_2252

I have yet to check out the new film Coco Before Chanel, but when I do, I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on the jewelry. The iconic fashion designer helped to launch Verdura founder Fulco Verdura's career, hiring him on as her head designer, charged with creating both her private and boutique jewelry collections.

After visiting Verdura's New York showroom last week and seeing the original cuff bracelets (above left) that Fulco created for Coco Chanel (seen together at center), I'll be watching to see if the gorgeous cuffs make an appearance. Meanwhile, I was lucky to check out the re-created cuffs (above right) that the brand has crafted in honor of its 70th anniversary. Stunningly similar to the originals, the cuffs are being released in a limited edition of 70 pieces, or 35 pairs.


IMG_2265           IMG_2263

As though that wasn't enough to make my day, one of the coolest things about visiting Verdura was seeing the original jewelry drawings from the company archives. The archives feature thousands of drawings compiled over the years by Fulco Verdura and his staff. Drawings such as these (above left), seen at the company's New York showroom, have allowed Verdura to create pieces such as the ones at right.
IMG_2249 IMG_2255 Babe-Paley_Vogue-copy

Verdura does a great job of infusing visitors' modern-day experience of the brand with glimpses of its past. Visitors to the New York showroom (above left) will find the brand's jewelry juxtaposed with images of some of the legendary women who have worn its jewelry, such as Babe Paley (above right).

Verdura's "Herkimer earrings" at center are seen against a painting from the archives featuring disk-like shapes that inspired the design.

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