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CollectionsJul 16, 2021
Piece of the Week: Jemma Wynne x Muzo Emerald Ring

Two emeralds are better than one.

TrendsJul 09, 2021
Piece of the Week: NeverNoT’s ‘Life in Color’ Pendant

The vibrant-hued jewel is perfect for summer.

TrendsJul 02, 2021
Piece of the Week: Armoura’s ‘Cloud’ Earrings

They celebrate the beauty in both calm and stormy days.

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How to Build a Successful Multi-Generational Jewelry Business

RDI Diamonds CEO Michael Indelicato shares his advice for taking a family business to the next level.

TrendsJul 01, 2021
Jewelry Reality Show ‘All That Glitters’ Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

The show aims to find Britain’s next jewelry star and features two well-known names as judges.

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CollectionsJul 01, 2021
Kay Jewelers Follows the Way of ‘The Mandalorian’

A new limited-edition six-piece jewelry collection inspired by the Star Wars series is now available.

TrendsJun 29, 2021
NDC Unveils a Diamond Jewelry Collection

It’s designed by one of the jewelers in the “Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative.”

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Appraising This Summer

Create appraisals with the Jewelry Appraisal Solution on the Zing by Jewelers Mutual Group® platform and leverage the expertise of Gemworld.

CollectionsJun 25, 2021
Piece of the Week: Walters Faith x Olivia Chantecaille Locket

It’s designed to look like an old-fashioned compact.

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