By Whitney Sielaff

Welcome to National Jeweler's new site, the National Jeweler Network. We've worked on the project for quite some time, and it's all about giving you more of the information you need, more efficiently.

If you're like most, you've probably received our daily e-newsletter for some time now. National Jeweler has always been known and valued for delivering the news, and the new site enables us to improve our performance in doing so. You'll find half a dozen or so of the most important news stories posted every day. And news coverage here is live. News hits our site round the clock, day in and out. And it's instantaneous. There are no delays imposed by printing time, etc.

You'll also find much more than news on the National Jeweler Network. I'm sure, for example, that you use Google. But have you ever wished that there was a Google built specifically for you, the jeweler? Check out our Loupe It! We've hand-selected all the Web content that's relevant to your business and delivered it in groups that mirror your information needs. This eliminates all the weeding out of irrelevant content that you need to do on Google.

Also, have a look at our news articles. You'll see that we're aggregating all the information that's important to you from around the Internet. In addition to our own news coverage, we're ensuring that you don't miss anything you need.

The goal in the building of the new National Jeweler Network has been to create a destination where you can go for all of your jewelry-trade informational needs. We know you're busier than you've ever been, and that the market is more competitive than ever. So bookmark us and use us. Our goal here, as ever at National Jeweler, is the facilitation of "profitable retailing through market insights and news analysis."

And, as always, please e-mail me with all and any questions or comments.

- Whitney
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