By Ashley Davis
Lockets are personal and sentimental, but Devon Woodhill makes them feel fashionable too. This style is one of five jewels Senior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davis is coveting this holiday season.
I’ve said it before: I think I’m an excellent example of a millennial fine jewelry shopper.

It’s almost embarrassing how well I fit the profile—I’ve always been comfortable shopping online and do a lot of pre-shopping on social media, saving images of jewelry I like, getting to know the brands behind them, and sometimes going to try on a piece in person before I take the actual plunge for an expensive item.

Naturally, I’m also someone who buys jewelry for herself. The under-$1,000 price range is truly my sweet spot, allowing me to part with my paycheck without too much guilt, though I also save up for larger jewelry investments when particularly inspired.

I’m also staunchly anti-traditional, and don’t feel pressured to follow any custom regarding jewelry.

Rather, I feel my purchases are a chance to show my individuality and preferences.

Lastly, I love the personal connection of chatting with designers online and getting their input on my purchase. That relationship feels truly luxurious, almost a modern version of the way I imagine patrons communicated with artists in the Renaissance era.

Like my fellow fine jewelry millennial devotees, I’ve still been shopping for jewelry during the pandemic because, hey, life is short, gold retains its value, and I feel I deserve something sparkly to get excited about.

Currently, I feel myself most coveting the classic yellow gold and diamond pieces that have been on my list for years, jewels I know I would wear daily without tiring of them.

They’re pieces I’d recommend gifting to oneself or a loved one. So, without further ado …

20201211 WishList 1foundraeFoundrae 18-karat yellow gold “Wholeness” medallion with diamond ($2,995)

Foundrae’s jewelry isn’t only replete with symbolism (this snake stands for wholeness), it also looks extremely good on. I know because I’ve coveted pieces I’ve seen on my jewelry-loving friends and celebrities alike.

I’ve wanted a piece from the moment the collection launched, and this is the necklace I’d only take off for the gym.

20201211 WishList 2nouvelNouvel Heritage 18-karat rose gold and diamond “Cocktail Time” mood bangle ($4,000)

I’m not a bracelet person. Why? They’re expensive and I can never put them on without assistance, pretty antithetical to the whole empowered ethos of buying your own jewelry, don’t you think?

Nouvel Heritage designer Camille Parruitte knows exactly what I mean, that’s why she designed her cult-favorite “Mood Bangle,” aka a bracelet that makes sense.

It’s easy to take on and off oneself, extremely chic on and feels sturdy but not overly heavy. Parruitte just added some new versions to her oeuvre.

20201211 WishList 3litoLito 14-karat pink and yellow gold octagon necklace (€800, or about $973)

My fellow millennials and I love supporting and promoting small businesses and independent artists we care about.

Designer Lito Karakostanoglou’s passion for her creative process is contagious; I must have told dozens of people about her work over the years.

A few years ago, during an apartment move, I lost two Lito necklaces that were very precious to me. One was similar to the necklace pictured. At such a wallet-friendly price, it’s about time I reclaimed my treasure.

20201211 WishList 4gayaGaya 18-karat yellow gold charm bracelet with star, eye and clover maxi pendants ($2,020)

It was Nicole Ward, founder and global sales director of CNW Group, who turned me on to this ultra-wearable French fine jewelry brand, Gaya.

I love the uniformity and whimsicality of the brand’s gold charms, which happen to be 2020’s biggest fine jewelry trend.

20201211 WishList 5devonDevon Woodhill “Capri Piazzetta” locket in 18-karat yellow gold, Florentine finish, with diamonds on 14-karat yellow gold open link chain ($5,650)

Another huge trend for 2020 that’s also timeless? Personalized jewelry. And it doesn’t get more personal than a locket.

Devon Woodhill is making the lockets I’m currently coveting most; I’d likely keep a picture of my beloved rescue dogs in this one.

Happy holidays!

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