By Ashley Davis
This version of David Yurman’s Cable bracelet is inspired by California and available exclusively at David Yurman boutiques in the state.
New York—The cable bracelet is undoubtedly David Yurman’s most iconic and well-loved design, and the brand is adding new limited-edition varieties.

The six new Cable bracelets each pay tribute to a location: New York City, California, Canada, Paris and Texas.

New York’s “Empire Bracelet” is made of copper with an oxidized finish meant to resemble the Statue of Liberty’s green patina. Available exclusively at the David Yurman New York City townhouse and SoHo boutique, the bracelet sells for $525.

There is also a men’s version, selling for $425, made of copper and without the green patina. Its industrial feel is reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge.

20181220 Yurman2The “Empire Bracelet” takes its inspiration from New York City’s Statue of Liberty.

The California-inspired “Golden State Bracelet” is the collection’s most colorful, featuring an aluminum ombré design that ranges from pink to orange, meant to resemble a sunset. Retailing for $325, it’s available at David Yurman California boutiques.

The “Lone Star Bracelet” is, naturally, an ode to Texas, available at the state’s boutiques and priced at $750. Sterling silver and hand-set sapphires pay homage to the white and blue of the Texas state flag.

Meanwhile, sterling silver and hand-set rubies make up the “Great Northern Bracelet,” created for Canada. Priced at $750 and available in the country, the brand said the rubies are reminiscent of the red in the Canadian flag.

Paris is the inspiration for the line’s most exclusive new style. Retailing for $4,450, it’s made of 18-karat gold and champagne diamonds. The “City of Light” style sells at David Yurman Paris boutiques.

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