Among Pantone's predicted shades that will rule the fall/winter 2019 season are Fruit Dove, Orange Tiger and Sugar Almond.
Newstadt, N.J.—The Pantone Color Institute has released its fall/winter 2019 color report.

Done twice annually in conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the report shows the shades that the forecasting agency believes will be particularly prevalent across fashion, home, and product design.

It seems that, as its namesake generation matures, “millennial pink” has graduated into more robust and confident reds and oranges, with warm hues dominating Pantone’s forecast.

The shades are more muted than aggressive, however, proving that warm colors can be just as soothing as cool ones.

Chili Pepper is “a spicy red,” Pantone said, though more somber than the name denotes. The deep red is complemented with the tonally similar Biking Red, a deep mahogany.

Their darker counterpart is Rocky Road, “an earthy and grounded solid brown.” Sugar Almond, meanwhile, brings to mind a rich clay soil.

Orange Tiger is arguably the boldest shade of the color report—a traditional orange that brings to mind a color out of a children’s box of crayons, while Dark Cheddar is a robust yellow-based orange with a calming and muted feel.

Peach Pink “imparts a healthy glow,” Pantone explained, and Fruit Dove is a bold, energetic shade with connotations of strength and power while still feeling playful and optimistic.

Rounding out the 12 shades are Crème de Peche, a soft and flattering neutral cream, and three deep, cool shades: Bluestone, a reserved blue that veers on gray, and Galaxy Blue, a dark blue reminiscent of the color of Earth’s oceans as represented on a child’s globe. Finally, Eden is a deep, traditional forest green.

See all the colors below.

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