Emerging Jewelry Brand Ananya Hits Its Stride With New Collection

CollectionsMar 29, 2021

Emerging Jewelry Brand Ananya Hits Its Stride With New Collection

“Scattered” is technically impressive and ultra-stylish.

The “Whirl” earrings from Ananya’s “Scattered” collection. They are crafted in 18-karat yellow gold with 3.3 carats of yellow sapphire and 0.28 carats of white diamonds. Selling for $4,860, the convertible style can be worn in multiple ways, without the outer ring or without the center yellow sapphire.
New York—Earrings appear to be emerging fine jewelry brand Ananya’s forte, as evidenced by the latest collection, “Scattered.”

The category embodies the collection’s strong suits: technical prowess and lots of color.

“Scattered” is named for its groupings of small diamonds and gemstones, which, clustered together, form large, visually interesting shapes.

Think a large web of white diamonds connected by the thinnest gold settings and surrounded by a halo of baguette-cut sapphires or emeralds, or an array of tiny white diamonds clustered into the shape of a crescent moon, further accented by an emerald and diamond ear jacket.

Ananya designer Ananya Malhotra was born into a family with deep fashion ties. She splits her time among three places: London, Miami and Chennai, India.
Ananya designer Ananya Malhotra was born into a family with deep fashion ties. She splits her time among three places: London, Miami and Chennai, India.

“The fluidity and the forms in the collection are inspired by the concept of metaphysical energy and movements,” designer Ananya Malhotra explained, citing the chakras, or the body’s energy centers, as referenced in ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas.

She elaborated, “The designs represent the movement of energy between the root and the crown chakras and use diamonds, emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires, with each colored gemstone epitomizing the flow of energy from ground up.”

The fabrication is more ethereal than Ananya’s previous collections, which always revolved around curving lines but were more two-dimensional, utilizing wide swaths of mother-of-pearl for a bold, flat look.

“Scattered” appears more technically arduous, and therefore impressive.

Convertibility, such as the several pairs of earrings that feature a post that can be worn alone or with an element that connects via ear jacket, is another collection hallmark.

“I was keen for this collection to be versatile to capture changing trends and habits and thus many of the pieces can be dressed up or down,” Malhotra said.

There are much more than just earrings at play, with delicate sprinklings of diamonds and gemstones also gracing bangles, rings and necklaces, each piece capturing the essence of movement in still form, like a photograph freezing an athlete mid-leap.

Malhotra, a Central Saint Martins graduate, launched her eponymous collection in 2017.

She introduced a few pieces from “Scattered” at last year’s Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition, but has just launched it in earnest with Threads Styling.

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Malhotra said her favorite piece from the collection is yet-to-be-released: a high jewelry necklace with handpicked emeralds ranging in color to form an overall ombre effect and, of course, accented with a sprinkling of diamonds. 

It will released later this year. 

Ashley Davisis the senior editor, fashion at National Jeweler, covering all things related to design, style and trends.

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