A New Golden Age

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A New Golden Age

Gold has had its share of ups and downs over the last 5 decades. Here’s why the metal is having another big comeback.

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To understand mankind’s attraction to gold, you must go back in history. 

The metal played an important role in the world’s greatest and most advanced civilizations, like the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans. Gold became the single most important reason why exploration of the Americas progressed. 

In 1971, gold was allowed to be freely traded, thanks to President Richard Nixon. Since then, the metal has had its share of ups and downs.  

Most recently, the pandemic pushed investors to the commodity as a safe haven, driving up the price.

But with the virus seemingly under control as vaccinations gain momentum in the U.S. and worldwide, gold is backing down to more stable levels. 

It’s the perfect time to start growing your gold jewelry assortment again. 

While yellow gold had been lagging in popularity when compared with white metals and diamonds for years, the fashion world, and in turn consumers, recently have embraced the natural color of yellow gold in ways not seen since the 1980s. 

About two years ago, the country’s biggest fashion magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, started featuring yellow gold jewelry in their editorial spreads. 

Long gone were the days of big, blingy diamonds on their models; these editors were telling the world that it was now all about big, bold and polished yellow gold.  

While high fashion is generally perceived as aspirational, a more relatable segment of pop culture started to take a liking to the metal. 

Social media influencers began layering their gold jewelry looks on Instagram for all to see, from personalized trinkets to paperclip links, and even an  ‘80s classic resurfaced--the herringbone.

Today’s gold jewelry has evolved with the times. 

To get the right assortment and guarantee success with the metal, turn to a company with more than 43 years of experience dedicated to the metal, Royal Chain. 

Royal Chain is meeting growing customer demand for yellow gold by offering exciting  on-trend jewelry, price points that start as low as $80 wholesale, and updates on classic links like the paperclip and herringbone, and everything in between. 

Phillip Gabriel Maroof, Royal Chain’s Vice President of Design, says gold is the most versatile category in the jewelry sector because it is available in every single category and price point, and can adapt to trends more easily than the diamond industry. Plus there is the environmental sustainability factor of their gold jewelry, which is made mostly with recycled gold.

Pair those attributes with the fact that everything they make is in stock and ready to ship immediately and Royal Chain can be the one and only source you will ever need for all your gold needs. 

Here are some brand-new looks from Royal Chain’s latest gold  collections that every retailer should consider for their store. You can also view their entire Spring 2021 collection online here or easily browse their digital catalog for inspiration on fun new spring jewelry.

14k gold bracelets with diamond accents from Royal Chain’s Hardware series, wholesale $800.
View products online here.  

Phillip Gavriel 14k gold Paperclip Cable bracelet (also available as necklace), wholesale $200. Available through Royal Chain. See more details here.

The Herringbone, an ‘80s staple, is back, and reimagined for a new generation. Wholesale starts at $250 for Royal Chain’s multi-strand bracelet and necklace, and drop earrings. View products online here

Royal Chain is making an effort to hook younger consumers on the metal with these colorful cord bracelets, $80, or this Cuban chain bracelet with heart, $150 wholesale. View products online here.

Medallions are trending, this North Star, rainbow dial, and star pendant from Royal Chain gives great sparkle at an amazing value on their 14k mirror chain, starting at $100 wholesale. See more details here
Safety first. The paperclip is not the only everyday household item to be turned into jewelry by pop culture. The safety pin is on its way to a jewelry store near you; be prepared with this 14k gold necklace or thread-through earring, $95-$160 wholesale.  View products online here.

For more information on Royal Chain products contact the company directly at They offer marketing materials and displays in addition to a vast selection of products. Call their customer service at 800-622-0960 to open an account or learn more today. 

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