By Whitney Sielaff

I don't know about you, but I'm bombarded, constantly, by useless information. In media, they call it "feeding the beast." If you're CNN, for example, 24/7 is a lot of air time to fill. And, unfortunately, too much of the time, filler is what we get.

!!!NJ Headshot On one hand, you might claim that no news is good news. And we've certainly had our share of crises over recent years. But the real job of an information provider is to uncover and develop content that is of actual value to its readers. And the editor's function as gatekeeper has never been more critical than it has become in these times of information proliferation.

A century ago, you got your news once a day, when the newspaper arrived. Through the first half of the 20th century, you dialed into the radio. That changed to television as the century progressed, but the premise remained the same: a very limited number of stations provided evening news through a trusted anchor/newsman who screened and delivered information to offer the audience the information it truly needed.

These days, the irony is that there is an enormous amount of information flowing around us, but that so little of it is actually relevant. I guess the most recent foibles of Charlie Sheen are interesting to some, but should they be the dominant focus of our major media?

One thing we at National Jeweler pledge to you is that we won't waste your time with nonsense. We spend hours each day finding and reporting on only the information that is immediately relevant to you and your business. And we have decades of jewelry industry editorial experience backing up our decisions, resources focused on fulfilling our role as the industry's premier online news service.

Please make sure everyone in your operation registers to receive the National Jeweler Daily News. It's free, but more important, it brings you every single story in our very focused universe that's necessary and none that aren't. Subscription is available right on our site home page,

Thanks for reading, and wishing you best success—Whitney

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