By Michelle Graff

I personally don't own an iPhone and probably never will.
Instead, I have this phone called the "Instinct," which is basically Samsung's version of the iPhone and is a device so similar that it causes some people to actually envy me.
"Is that an iPhone?" they ask when I pull this sleek-looking black sheath of a phone out of my purse.
"No it's an Instinct," I say.
"Oh," they say, immediately losing interest in my generic excuse for a cell phone.
I only got the "Instinct" because it had been so long since I have upgraded my phone that Sprint practically paid me to get with the times.
And you want to know what? I don't do anything more with this phone than I did with my other phone, except pay a bigger monthly bill.
I really don't maximize the phone's potential, mostly because I'm too lazy/disinterested/busy to bother reading the instruction manual and figure out how to really use the thing.
I'll be switching back to a simpler phone (with a smaller bill) soon.
But I digress.
For those happy iPhone owners, there are at least two industry "apps" - that's iPhone speak for applications - out there already, and I'm sure we'll see more on the way.
The first jewelry industry "app" to come to my attention was what I like to call the "Rap app," because it just rhymes so nicely.
(The real name of the app is iDiamonds; you should use this name if you want to find it in the App Store.)  Iphone
Roei Kashi, son of Israeli diamantaire Moti Kashi, developed the iDiamonds app earlier this year, while still at student at Stanford University.
This useful device provides immediate iPhone access to the Rapaport price list, letting you see what the running price is for, as an example, a 1.5-1.99-carat, VVS2, E-color stone.
But take note: you have to have a RapNet username and password to have a "Rap-app" attack.
Read more about the Rap app here on IDEX.
The second industry app is by Stuller, called the "Live Diamond Try-On (brought to you by Red Box Diamonds.)"
While the title is not as snappy as the "Rap app," this is a really savvy application that allows consumers to, essentially, design their own engagement ring and virtually try it on by taking a picture of their hand.
They can e-mail, Tweet and Facebook the ring to get the opinions of friends and family, and can then use the "find a jeweler" function, which maps out the location of the nearest Red Box diamond retailers where they can go to physically purchase their virtually crafted rings.
Amazing, isn't it?
This app will be free and available to about-to-engaged iPhone users everywhere starting in late summer.
Read more about the diamond try-on here.
Then go out and buy your apps. If you need me, I'll be at the Sprint store, in search of a cheaper phone.

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