Like knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, designers relentlessly try to get celebrities to wear their designs, but much like the Holy Grail, the mission can be impossible. Jewelry designer Ryan Ryan proved it can be done, however: Katherine Heigl wore his jewelry at this year's Emmy Awards. To find out how this unfolded, I recently interviewed him via e-mail.

Mary Wisniewski: How did you get Katherine Heigl to wear your jewelry to the Emmy Awards?

Ryan Ryan: I met Katherine through her sister Meg who works for a veterinarian where I have been taking my animals for 20 years. One day, when Meg figured out what I did for a living, she said, "I should hook you up with my sister. She stars on Grey's Anatomy."

I responded with a "thank you" and "that would be wonderful," but thought it would most likely never come to fruition. Much to my pleasant surprise, the phone rang a week later and it was Nancy Heigl, Katherine's mother and manager. The funny thing is the phone conversation lasted about an hour talking about all of our dogs and about five minutes about jewelry.

Katherine's first red-carpet appearance for Grey's Anatomy was at the Golden Globe Awards two years ago, and I have been doing all of her jewelry since.

MW: How did you react when you knew your jewelry was being worn at the Emmys?

RR: This year's Emmy Awards was truly the most gratifying experience so far with Katherine. Simply put, she blended old and new Hollywood style to perfection. Katherine loves jewelry and really knows how to wear it. As a designer, it is magnificent when someone as beautiful and as stylish as Katherine works your jewelry on the red carpet.

MW: Have you dressed other celebrities with your jewelry?

RR: Yes, but none as stunning as Katherine.

MW: Tell me more about your company.

RR: I was in the fashion side of jewelry for many years and decided three years ago to venture into the world of fine jewelry. It's a decision that has reinvigorated my passions and joys of creating and living.

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