By Brecken Branstrator
For Brevani’s launch, Color Merchants debuted the Ginkgo collection, inspired by the look of the well-known leaf. This necklace from the line features 18-karat gold and blue rhodium plating with diamonds.
New York--Longtime jewelry manufacturer Color Merchants is giving itself a trendier, more upscale vibe with a new branded collection.

In its nearly-30-year history, the company has made birthstones and colored gemstone goods its bread and butter, while also recently transitioning into carrying more diamond product.

But when the company started coming out with its Ginkgo collection, they felt that it was more of an artisan, trendier look that offered a statement, and as such they felt it would speak to a more specific clientele and certain type of retailer.

From there, the line spun off on its own to become the Brevani brand, led by the sister-and-brother team of Allison Peck, founder and director of merchandising, and Jordan Peck, director of operations. They work with their parents at Color Merchants, employing the company’s backing and expertise.

“It’s not going to be something that you see in every showcase,” Jordan Peck said. “So with that, we wanted to create a brand behind that, which really stood on its own and had its own unique feel, its own unique look and really drew people to these pieces that we’ve added to it.”

Brevani launched with the Ginkgo collection, taking inspiration from nature in its motifs of the well-known leaf.

In addition to diamond accents, the collection also uses amethyst, iolite, pink sapphires and rhodolite garnet.

While the jewelry is presented and displayed in 18-karat gold, Brevani makes the line available in 14-karat gold as well. Some pieces also feature a blue rhodium plating over 18-karat gold or mixed metal colors to add bold, trendy looks, while also offering classic pieces to balance out the line.

The feel and look of the brand comes from two who grew up in the industry and have a passion for it, they said.

“It’s something that has really come alive through the development and through the new generation of the industry,” Jordan Peck said.

When asked about what’s next for the brand, the two told National Jeweler that it’s future direction will depend largely on the feedback it gets from retailers with the first collection.

The brand, however, does have a few collections in the works, including a more classic line designed to be a faster seller to be reordered by retailers, Allison Peck said.

She added that it’s likely that higher-end merchandise from Color Merchants eventually will be transitioned over to Brevani to create “one solid unit,” with the possibility that best-sellers from that could become a collection as well.

Ultimately, though, they are hoping to build the brand to a place where customers are stepping into a store specifically looking for Brevani.

Jordan Peck said, “My vision is walking into a retail store and seeing a Verragio section, a Tacori section and then a Brevani section.”

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