By Ashley Davis
Jade Trau’s latest collection using Forevermark stones, and her first exclusive venture for the diamond company, is all about different diamond cuts and the qualities they embody for the woman who wears them.
New York--Jade Trau has incorporated Forevermark diamonds into her collections since she began designing five years ago, but her latest venture, Alchemy, is the first that is exclusive to the diamond company.

Alchemy is centered on different diamond cuts, with Trau assigning a different set of personality characteristics to the woman who would wear each.

“Like all my collections, the inspiration started with the diamond first,” Trau explained to National Jeweler.

“I was thinking about how people connect to diamonds and how different shapes bring out different feelings about myself as a woman. I made a list of every shape of diamond I could think of and next to that, explaining who they would be if each of them represented a caricature of a person.

"Forevermark diamonds inherently have so many of those incredible qualities that we possess as women--strength, beauty, individuality, integrity. Alchemy is the expression of that inspiration.”

The pieces featuring emerald-cut diamonds represent “The Vanguard,” a woman who is bold, confident and classic.

The pear-shaped diamond series has been dubbed “The Envoy,” representing a woman who is creative, artistic and brings people together. The Envoy is a woman who trusts her intuition and loves to connect with others.

There is a classic round diamond in the collection, which Trau named “The Sophisticate,” for the woman who has a natural grace and polish.

Lastly, the marquise shaped diamond is for “The Maverick,” a woman who follows her own path and isn’t afraid to take chances.

“I aspire to be The Maverick, but when I wake up in the morning I think I'm either The Envoy or The Sophisticate, depending on the day,” Trau said.

The Alchemy collection was shown to press and friends of Forevermark at a recent bash that also celebrated Forevermark’s Tribute collection.

It is comprised of pendants, stud earrings and stacking rings, featuring Forevermark stones set in 18-karat gold.

Retailers will be introduced to Alchemy at the Centurion show in 2018. The collection’s retail price point ranges from $1,000 to $10,000.

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