By Ashley Davis
Gem-Water is currently taking wholesale orders for its new “CrownJuwel” water bowl for pets.
New York—Those who love their pets will be glad to know that, soon, their furry family members can reap all the asserted benefits of drinking crystal-infused water.

Gem-Water, which sells water bottles and accessories from Vitajuwel, is now bringing a water bowl for pets to the market.

“We saw an amazing opportunity in the pet market that wasn’t being fulfilled,” said Gem-Water founder and owner Anjanette Sinesio. “When we met with the VitaJuwel team in Germany last year to further discuss our new idea, they had already prototyped this incredible bowl and we were ecstatic.

“So many people love Gem-Water, and we all knew the time was right to expand into this market. This bowl was made with so much love by Ewald (inventor of Vitajuwel), and tested for months with his dogs.”

Just like Gem-Water’s other products, the water bowls contain glass vials of crystals, believed to provide energetic benefits and scientifically shown to boost the pH and oxygen levels of the water surrounding it.

20180731 gemwater insertThe “CrownJuwel” pet water bowl is pictured from the top and side in the natural white shade.
The water bowls, dubbed the “CrownJuwel,” contain a particular mix of gemstones selected just for pets: nephrite jade for vitality, brown agate for strength, clear quartz for awareness, peridot for balance and mangano calcite for positive social behavior.

Gem-Water is currently taking wholesale orders for the CrownJuwels, which will begin to hit stores and the Gem-Water website at the end of September.

The bowl retails for $78 (the same price as the cheapest Gem-Water water bottle) and comes in three shades: natural white, slate gray and ocean blue. The bowl’s main material is a mix of 70 percent bamboo with cornstarch and a wood blend that Gem-Water says is chew-proof.

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