By Ashley Davis
This range of VitaJuwel products houses crystals that imbue the liquids in which they are submerged with their properties.
This range of VitaJuwel products houses crystals that imbue the liquids in which they are submerged with their properties.

Los Angeles--File it under gifts so cool you didn’t even know you wanted one: Gem-Water, a new company from jewelry industry veteran Anjanette Sinesio, is bringing crystal-infused water, wine and tea containers to the market.

Crystals have long been touted for their healing properties. The stones emit a measurable amount of energy; for example, quartz crystal is used as an energy conductor in digital watches, which utilize the rock’s vibrations to keep time.

So, when Sinesio came across VitaJuwel, a range of lead-free glass containers that encase crystals to enhance drinking liquids with their properties, the Diamond in the Rough and Todd Reed alum knew she had found something unique in the gem world.

In a short time she had created Gem-Water, a company that is the official distributor of VitaJuwel products to the luxury, jewelry, home décor and spirits industries.

“Having spent over 20 years in the jewelry industry, I thought I had pretty much seen it all,” Sinesio said. “But, every now and then, you come across something fabulously new, yet old, and become enchanted. It’s an ancient tradition for the modern world.”

According to the company, VitaJuwel containers harness the energy of crystals, infusing the liquid in which the gems are submerged. Crystals boost the pH and oxygen levels of water, tea and wine; for the latter, they also reduce tannins without affecting the wine’s bouquet.

The range of VitaJuwel products sold through Gem-Water include glass water bottles that house interchangeable gem pods, gem vials that are meant to be placed in water pitches or wine decanters and even large water dispensers for home or office use.

Gem pods are pre-packaged with one of 18 different combinations of gems. The “Wellness” blend features clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz; “Inspiration” mixes lapis lazuli with rutilated quartz; and for the lover of luxury, there’s a diamond and clear quartz mix.

Gem-Water also accommodates custom gem combination orders by special order.

The entire range retails for $60 to $600 and is being carried at London Jewelers in Manhasset, New York; Ylang Ylang in St. Louis; IRIT Design Malibu; Cale and Cole in Louisville, Kentucky; Mann’s Jewels in Rochester, New York; and Studio M Fine Wines in Napa, California.

Gem-Water’s e-commerce site launched in November. For sales inquiries, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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