By Michelle Graff
And National Jeweler’s most-read story of 2016 was … the April “The History Behind” piece on choker necklaces, like the Edwardian-era example pictured here.
And National Jeweler’s most-read story of 2016 was … the April “The History Behind” piece on choker necklaces, like the Edwardian-era example pictured here.
New York--As the year draws to a close, we are taking a look back at the stories that made the biggest splash in 2016.

These are the articles on that received the most page views as of Dec. 15.

Enjoy and please use the comments section below to let National Jeweler’s editors know if there are any topics that should receive more, or less, coverage in 2017.

1. The History Behind … The Choker
This article from March examined the history of the choker necklace, from ancient civilizations to their popularity among goth girls in the 1990s.

2. What Will Become of Retail Jewelry Stores?
It seemed like everybody in the industry read part one of Peter Smith’s two-part column from April on the changing retail landscape and what jewelers need to do to adapt and survive.

3. 5-Carat Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Graded by GIA
At the time this article was published in February, this stone was the largest faceted lab-grown blue the Gemological Institute of America had ever studied.

20160224 lab-grown-blue

4. Analysis: The State of the Majors
Posted online in early November, this was the cover story from the 2016 State of the Majors report, which was published in print for the first time since 2010.

5. What Will Become of Retail Jewelry Stores? Part II
The second part of Smith’s popular article included three pieces of advice for jewelers along with a list of recommended reading.

6. Pantone Names the 10 Colors Expected to Rule Fall
The color authority released the palette it expected to be popular for fall 2016 fashions in February.

20160212 Pantone-Article

7. The Top 10 Trends Expected to Drive Retail in 2016
Synchrony Financial released a market brief in February predicting that technology would shape eight of the top 10 trends expected to have the greatest impact on retail sales this year.

8. 7 Trends to Watch in 2016
In January, Senior Editor Brecken Branstrator counted down the trends expected to be prevalent in jewelry design in the new year.

9. JA, AGTA Add Spinel as August Birthstone
Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association announced the addition in June.

20160602 Omi-Spinel

10. No. of US Jewelers Closing Climbs 24%
Reports on store closings were a story throughout 2016, including this report from February on the total number for 2015.

11. Rio Tinto Unveils ‘Impossibly Rare’ Violet Diamond
The diamond, which is 2.83 carats, oval cut and GIA color-graded as a fancy deep grayish blue violet, was part of Rio Tinto’s Argyle tender this year.

12. Cindy Edelstein, A Rare Gem in the Industry, Dies
The woman considered a “godmother” to the jewelry industry’s fledgling designers died unexpectedly in January. She was 51.

20160602 grandma-necklace

13. The Real Reason People Buy Jewelry
Following the death of her grandmother, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff reflected on the significance of objects that are passed from generation to generation.

14. Jewelry Business Closures Climb 34% in Q1
Another story on the JBT’s statistics on jewelry store closures, this one ran in May and covered the figures from the first quarter 2016.

15. A State-by-State Breakdown on Diamond Shapes and Sizes
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff analyzed data released by White Pine on where people with the biggest and best diamonds live.

16. Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Jewelers?
A column from Mike Farrell, formerly of Likeable Local, that was published in April was the 16th most-read story on National Jeweler this year.

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