The opening event of Tacori’s year-long “Insider Institute” program was held this month in Los Angeles. A second event is scheduled to take place in March.
New York--When Paul Tacorian heard neuroscientist and Ph.D. Robert Cooper speak at a conference last year, he knew he wanted to share Cooper’s corporate consulting expertise with the rest of the jewelry industry.

“I heard Dr. Cooper present a 12-minute keynote speech to more than 1,500 company presidents or CEOs,” said Tacorian. “From those 12 minutes, I was able to use his unique insights to set in motion a series of powerful changes in our business across last year.”

Cooper is the CEO of Cooper Neuroscience Lab and Cooper Strategic, a business consulting firm that focuses on harnessing neuroscience to create retail strategies. He’s been a New York Times best-selling author, and for five years in a row was the highest-rated faculty member of the “Lessons in Leadership” speakers series that caters to universities and business schools.

Now, he’s available to jewelers.

Tacori is sponsoring an 11-month education institute led by Cooper called “Insiders Institute: The Program.”

20170125 InsiderInstitute header 1Robert Cooper
“The jewelry industry is notoriously behind the times in terms of innovation,” explained Tacorian, who recently took the reins of the family business. “The goal behind The Program is to create an opportunity for people in our industry to access the high caliber of leadership and sales effectiveness trainings that companies like General Motors, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Apple, NASA, 3M, Nike and others have developed by working with the Cooper Strategic team.”

The Program started this month and will continue through November, though retailers still have a chance to join. It consists of a series of three in-person seminars, several podcasts and two personal check-ins with Cooper.

Cooper’s teachings will underline 10 aspects of retail sales.
1.    Focusing on the right goals that distinguish top leaders
2.    Understanding the brain’s “performance code”
3.    Unlocking top personal capacity to harness energy and focus
4.    Attracting market segments through innovation
5.    Relating to customers through creating empathy
6.    Connecting with customers through specific strategies
7.    Understanding the full spectrum of service
8.    Winning the “right” sales without pitching
9.    Identifying and increasing the number of people who recommend your business
10.    Staying in touch properly with customers without overdoing it

“Retail has changed more in the past five years than in the past 200,” Cooper said. “Half of today’s brands and retailers will likely disappear in the next five years. One percent of today’s brands and retailers will thrive, and that’s where The Program will help the industry win the future of retail. We’ve created a unique opportunity for breakthrough leaders and teams who are each fully committed to their store’s success and future.”

The first seminar was held on Jan. 9 in in Los Angeles. A repeat of this seminar will be also be held in Los Angeles on March 6 for new retailers looking to join the program.

Some of the specific topics covered include how to maximize energy and focus on a daily basis, how to become a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson, the power of “confirming phrases,” and creating free partnerships among people and businesses with similar interests.

Scott Udell, vice president of London Jewelers, was among The Program’s first participants and said, “There’s no other company or consultancy that’s doing what Robert Cooper and the Insiders Institute is doing, and I want to take my stores to a place that no one else in our industry is going.”

The second seminar will take place on June 1 in Las Vegas--when the jewelry shows are going on-- and the third and final in-person seminar will take place on Oct. 8 in Los Angeles.

20170125 InsiderInstitute header 2Paul Tacorian, CEO of Tacori
The Program is limited to 100 retail partners, though it is not exclusive to jewelers who carry Tacori. Partners are expected to commit to attending the three in-person events, listening to all provided podcasts and doing their homework via weekly and bi-weekly check-ins with store progress.

The Program costs $20,000 per retail partner and promises a two-to-one return on investment. If retail partners complete all of the aforementioned obligations and don’t see the expected growth in their store, they will receive a refund of the $20,000 fee.

“When retailers switch from selling to serving and begin to understand how to be trusted advisors to each unique customer for the best gift choices and experiences, sales grow for all the right reasons,” Cooper said.

For more information on Insiders Institute: The Program, visit its website.

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