By Michelle Graff
New York--Brooklyn-based e-commerce site Etsy is bringing manufacturers into its artisan world with the launch of a new marketplace where they can connect with Etsy sellers.

Manufacturers can apply to join Etsy’s new manufacturing marketplace, which the company said is set to launch in test form later this year.Etsy Manufacturing is open to manufacturers based in the United States or Canada that work in metals and jewelry, as well as those in the fields of printing, machining and fabrication, and apparel and textile.

They also must meet other, more subjective terms laid out by Etsy, including being committed to a “safe and just” workplace and transparency, and being aligned with the company’s commitment to “artistry, craftsmanship and community.” 

Manufacturers can learn more and apply at

Those that are accepted can build a profile for their business on Etsy, though the profiles won’t be visible to the public until the official launch of the marketplace. The beta, or test, version of the site, which basically will be a directory of manufacturers that want to work with Etsy sellers, is slated to launch in late 2015.

When Etsy started in 2005, it dictated that everything sold on the site had to be handmade.

In recent years, however, the now-public company let up on those restrictions to allow limited outsourcing of production, a move some allege have undermined its handmade roots and allowed counterfeits and mass-made goods to slip onto the site.

Its chief executive, Chad Dickerson, however, defended Etsy Manufacturing to The New York Times, stating that it is not about mass manufacturing but helping small manufacturers, including casters, and small artisans connect so they can help each other. 

The anticipated launch of Etsy Manufacturing follows on the heels of Etsy Wholesale, which the company created last year to help its sellers connect with, and sell into, independent retail stores.

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