By Ashley Davis
An advertisement for Sparkle Cut Technology. The company uses proprietary technology to increase a diamond’s sparkle and shine without recutting it.
San Diego, Calif.—Sparkle Cut, the Silicon Valley startup that uses technology to create brighter diamonds, is now offering its services to the jewelry trade.

Sparkle Cut Technology involves cutting microscopic grooves into round diamonds to redirect beams of light through the table, increasing the stone’s sparkle without changing any of its structural integrity or losing any carat weight.

The company uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the exact location, number and depth of grooves needed in order to maximize brilliance.

The technique works with both natural and lab-grown diamonds of any color or clarity, as long as they’re round.

The company said it is working on developing the technology for fancy-shaped diamonds.

Now, Sparkle Cut has announced that, rather than developing a consumer-facing brand as originally intended, it’s looking to partner with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the jewelry trade, offering its “Sparkle Improvement Service.”

The company said a well-known, multi-store retail jewelry chain will soon be stocking diamonds that have utilized Sparkle Cut.

Additionally, Sparkle Cut is in talks with manufacturers about licensing the technology.

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The company said its process is low-cost and determined by each diamond’s particular carat weight and volume.

Sparkle Cut envisions retailers being able to offer Sparkle Cut as a service to their customers to upgrade and improve their diamonds, or a company using the technology for their own private-label brand.

To demonstrate its claim that an I, J, or K color diamond that has received the Sparkle Cut treatment will outshine far more expensive, higher color and clarity stones, the company is sending interested parties a demo diamond.

Or, manufacturers can send up to five of their diamonds to Sparkle Cut’s facilities to receive the treatment and experience the before and after for themselves.

Co-Founder Patrick Hopf, who has invested in other innovative companies like the Sleep Number Bed, said of Sparkle Cut’s business-to-business pivot: “We realized we want to take our technology and make it available for all interested parties, not limit ourselves to competing as a brand. Everyone deserves diamonds with exceptional sparkle.”

Industry outsider Hopf is working with some jewelry veterans on the venture, including National Jeweler columnist Pat Henneberry.

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