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M&G Jewelers said the staff at its new California watch repair center have access to the latest work benches, desks, tools and machinery, as pictured here.
Los Angeles—Jewelry and watch repair business M&G Jewelers has opened a new state-of-the-art watch repair service center.

M&G started as a regional repair business almost 30 years ago, serving retailers in Southern California, and has since expanded to serve more than 4,000 retail locations across the country.

It had two repair facilities—one on each coast—but now has added a third that is adjacent to its facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The 15,000-square-foot center, a five-year project in the making, is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, the company said.

The M&G team worked with WOSTEP, the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program, to learn the machines and processes.

“The watch industry is something that, every year, grows and grows,” M&G Jewelers President Juan Guevara told National Jeweler.

“All the brands, every year, need more and more help, so I wanted to be ready for any opportunity that opened up.”

On the inside, the facility’s rooms meet cleanroom standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization, ensuring the watches don’t get dust or other microscopic air particles in them that might inhibit their functionality.

It is the only watch facility in the United States to offer this environment, Guevara said.

Each watch that enters the center has its information recorded and stored in a custom database, and all watchmakers, jewelers and staff undergo a background check.

Additionally, M&G Jewelers said it has enacted strict security procedures at the facility that are implemented daily, including a metal-free dress code, monitored privileges for entering and exiting—accompanied by metal detectors—and armed guards.

Meanwhile, watchmakers and staff have access to high-quality work benches, desks, tools, and machinery for the repair process.

Seeing the use of natural light as essential to the watch repair process, the new facility aims to provide as much of it as possible to help employees, and their eyes.

20210210 MG Repair insertThe front entrance of the facility, meanwhile, takes its aesthetics straight from watch features.

The walls of the front entrance display a metal link design representing a traditional metal link watch brand (pictured at left).

The center of the floor has a replica of a watch’s internal wheel and the thin, circular light fixtures represent the traditional circular frame of a watch face.

The facility will be able to service Bulova, Swiss Army Watches and Movado, and has been certified to receive spare parts from Swatch Group U.S.

The full list of services offered by M&G Jewelers can be found on its website. Turnaround time depends on the watch brand and the service required.

Pricing also varies by brand and can be found on each company’s website separately.

M&G Jewelers offers services for both the trade and consumers, the latter of which started five years ago.

Interested retailers can have a landing page on their website powered by (M&G’s consumer-facing component) to walk customers through the process of sending their watch in to the company.

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