Zenith Announces a Slew of Female Watch Ambassadors

WatchesMar 02, 2021

Zenith Announces a Slew of Female Watch Ambassadors

It comes on the heels of its first collection exclusively for women, Defy Midnight.

Women from all over the world who hold a variety of professions star in Zenith’s new global campaign and are called the “Zenith DreamHers.” The American ambassador is ballerina Precious Adams, pictured in a timepiece from the Defy Midnight collection, exclusive to women.
New York—This year, Swiss watchmaker Zenith unveiled its first collection geared exclusively for women, Defy Midnight.

Now, it’s unveiled a wide array of female spokespeople.

Dubbed the “Zenith DreamHers,” the women come from a mix of professional backgrounds and star in the brand’s new global campaign.

The DreamHers are: Airi Hatakeyama, Teresa J. Cuevas, Song Jia, Precious Adams, Sheila Sim, Laura Noltemeyer, Kearen Pang, Federica Segato, Laetitia Guarino and Amandine Chaignot.

Airi Hatakeyama is a Japanese rhythmic gymnast who became a media personality. At age 17, she represented Japan in her sport at the 2012 Olympics. Now, she’s a sportscaster and hosts several television shows.

Teresa J. Cuevas is a Spanish architect and painter. She worked with a premier architecture studio in South Korea, where she also learned about a polar opposite discipline, abstract art. She returned to Spain and began pursuing her new passion for painting in earnest. Now, she is a rising abstract art painter.

Song Jia is a star of Chinese cinema, making her mark over the last two decades. In the last few years, she has had leading roles in some of China’s largest films. Jia is a philanthropist at heart, working as an ambassador with the United Nations Environment Program promoting sustainability, as well as WWF’s Earth Hour Campaign star to advocate for preserving Chinese wildlife.

American ballerina Precious Adams is one of classical dance’s greatest stars. Her lifelong dedication to her craft brought her to ballet academies around the world. Now, at the peak of her career, she dances with the English National Ballet. She is a vocal supporter of diversity and inclusiveness in her art form.

A number of roles describe Singaporean media personality Sheila Sim. She’s a model, actress, businesswoman, mother, and most recently, a wellbeing advocate. A student of positive psychology, her latest business venture “WonderandWellness” promotes achieving wellness and personal growth.

Sim said, “As someone whose career has evolved many times over the years, I wish to always be surprised by new horizons and endless possibilities. Life is full of 
surprises, and I will make sure that when the next door opens for me, I'll be ready to receive them with open arms.”

German entrepreneur Laura Noltemeyer started a blog covering her passion for design, art and fashion while working on a master thesis in architecture. It took off and opened new doors for the creative. 

This year, Noltemeyer founded a German-made, vegan cosmetic brand called Bayage Beauty.

Noltemeyer’s advice for other young women is to, “Be yourself and trust your heart. This will always lead you in the right direction and help to make your dreams come true.”
Actress Kearen Pang is one of Hong Kong cinema’s biggest stars. Pang got her start at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Today she is an award-winning multimedia creator who has written, directed and acted in plays and films.

“Time does not change for anyone, so enjoy and treasure every minute in life, because your dream can come true at any moment,” she said.

Federica Segato is an Italian entrepreneur who turned her frustration over obstacles to entering the business world as a young woman to innovation. In 2019, she created an online networking connecting Italian professional women called “Career Leadhers.” 

Today, it boasts a network of 30,000 professionals, landing Segato on Forbes Italy’s “100 under 30, leaders of the future” list.

“I am thrilled to take part of Zenith’s ‘DreamHers’ campaign as I strongly feel we share the same mission,” she noted. “Both DreamHers and my company, Career 
Leadhers, celebrate women and support their uniqueness and ambition.”

Laetitia Guarino is a Swiss model-turned-doctor. 

She was 2015’s Miss Switzerland before completing her education in medicine. She now works in general surgery and serves in philanthropic roles as an ambassador for the Swiss Red Cross and for Terre des hommes, a Swiss charity that helps ill children around the world.

Of her current career she said, “I always wanted to become a doctor and commit myself to helping others. I truly believe the key to success in life is being passionate, daring and getting involved. Through my humanitarian actions and my career in surgery, I work hard to inspire, do some good in this world and ultimately follow my dreams.”

French Chef Amandine Chaignot followed the family tradition of pursuing pharmacology, before switching gears to pursue her passion for cooking. 

She studied at the Ferrandi cooking school before working for some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. She became executive chef at the Rosewood London, then acted as a judge on the French edition of “MasterChef.”

Today, she is the founder of her own restaurant, Pouliche, in Paris. 

She explained, “For the longest time, I thought that some things were out of reach, until I realized that I had built barriers myself. Since then, I dare, sometimes I stumble, but I move on and I never regret. The greatest gift you can give a young girl today is to teach her to believe in herself.”

Ashley Davisis the senior editor, fashion at National Jeweler, covering all things related to design, style and trends.

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